Is Metal Roofing In Arizona Energy Efficient?

Is Metal Roofing In Arizona Energy Efficient?

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. But is it energy efficient? A building or home’s roof endures endless exposure to the sun. In the Grand Canyon State, we see 250 to 320 days of pure sunshine. This makes metal roofing in Arizona exponentially more efficient than other materials.

The Energy Efficiency of Metal Roofs

There’s no question that metal roofs have proven to be more energy efficient than other types of roofing. An industry study discovered that metal roofs revealed their full potential for substantial energy savings when compared side by side to an asphalt shingle roof. The metal roofing was highly effective in reducing heat flow through the roof and ceiling and in reducing the temperature fluctuations.[1]

Tile and asphalt shingle roofs collect heat from the sun, which is then absorbed into the home.  Metal roofing insulates and reflects sunlight away from the home, which can help reduce energy costs during the hottest days.

Metal roofing in Arizona comes in a variety of finishes.  Even in the most basic finish of unpainted metal,  it will still reflect more solar radiation than an asphalt shingle roof.  Because we live in a warmer climate, granular coated and pre-painted metal roofs offer even more efficiency.

These treated metal roofs reflect solar energy and re-emit most of that heat back into the atmosphere. This cools the home more effectively and can reduce energy consumption, thus lowering energy bills.

Cost Analysis of Metal Roofing in Arizona

One downside of metal roofing is its higher overall cost of installation.  The materials are more costly, as is the installation. However, given the other dramatic savings in durability and energy efficiency, many Arizona homeowners find the trade-off well worth the initial investment.

Other Benefits of Metal Roofing

In addition to their energy efficiency, metal roofs are highly durable and last longer than other roofing options. The average lifespan of a metal roof is anywhere from 40 years to 70 or more. This is more than double an asphalt shingle roof, sometimes triple.

Metal roofing is also a more eco-friendly material. Once its role as roofing material is over and it is removed and salvageable, it is infinitely recyclable. Contrast this with asphalt shingle roofing which is manufactured with hundreds of gallons of oil. When homeowners must replace shingle roofs every 12 to 20 years, this generates significant waste.

Best Options For Metal Roofing In Arizona

Metal roofs offer a variety of styles, colors, and coatings.


Aluminum is ultra-lightweight while still offering high durability. It will require little to no maintenance as aluminum doesn’t rust and is anti-corrosive. It only weighs five pounds per square foot and an aluminum roof can last up to thirty years.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is an iron-based alloy mix that is the most common roofing choice. It’s popular due to its cost, ease of use, and easy upkeep. It also offers high durability and a galvanized steel roof can last as many as sixty years.


Zinc roofing is an easy and curb appeal booster roof aesthetic as it naturally starts off with one color but will change over time. Zinc roofing panels are available patina-ready and can last up to 100 years, making it a high-ticket option.


Copper roofing is another aesthetically pleasing curb appeal statement that has the potential to last longer than anything else. The rich and luxurious copper color evolves naturally over time and transforms into a brown or blue-green patina.

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